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Property Sales Whangarei

Private real estate sales Whangarei Northland New Zealand.
In Whangarei Northland just as elsewhere in New Zealand and indeed around the world real estate prices are rising and real estate is selling fast buyers are queuing up to buy. Trade me the online sales site is by far the biggest and best way to advertise your house. House buyers use Trade Me to search, so you need to be listed on Trade Me.

Great images combined with great marketing wording is what will sell your house, many Northland real estate agents are advertising price by negotiation, the reason for this is because negotiation is the best way to sell and would also work in a private sale situation

I have to say when I sold my house in Auckland I had real estate agents because I needed to sell at auction. I am an on to it bloke, there is no way these agents were working for me, they were in fact working on me to drop the price because like almost all real estate agents they had buyers waiting, investors.

The agents that were to earn a huge commission from the sale of my house were working for the investor not for me, they tried every trick in the book to increase their income by reducing mine right up to and including when my auction was underway, they tried hard to get me to drop the reserve and when that failed they told me the potential buyer could only afford a 5% deposit and would I agree to that, strangely their commission was about 4% so if I agreed I would have ended up receiving a deposit of 1%.

My auction ended my house was sold, I had written down the sale price before the auction had started. I had handed this to the agents before the auction. They responded by telling me I wanted too much and my house would not sell. The sale price I had written down was exactly to the dollar the price I received. The buyer was unknown to the agents but had in fact seen the house 3 times privately while I was home, she had avoided the agents just as you should. If I had agree with any of the agents offers I would have lost 10s of thousands of dollars, really a huge amount

Do you really want or need an agent, we think not because the buyers are on Trade Me.
Our services use Trade Me as your main marketing tool, any agent that does not use Trade Me is not getting the best price

Real estate agents are not your friend they want sales, I turned down the offers they were so excited to give me, after my property sold I found out the same person that made an offer on my house had made offers on all five houses that were for sale in my street. yet all the sellers had different agents, so in short the agents were colluding as all were working for the same investor

Property Sales Whangarei "" we are a new private real estate sales website, we want to be different and are in the progress of putting together a team of people that can help you go for a private sale and avoid the high cost of real estate agents fees, Please browse our site for some great information



Display your swimming pool or your outside area this position on the page should show your property at its best



Open plan living with wide open spaces opening to an east facing deck, bright and light for entertaining family and friends.



Enjoy beautiful views while sitting beside the pool this is all possable with Whangarei property being well priced


Bedroom: 3

Bathroom: 2

Lot size: 5.54 Acres

Square feet: 2,985 (approx)

Year built: 2004

Foundation: 2,985 Sq.Ft.

Garage: Yes - 2 space

Development Allowed

Finished area: 7,225 Sq.Ft. (approx)

Sewer: Connected to town supply

Water: Connected to town supply

Restrictions/Covenant: Pet allowed

Senoirs and Accessibility: Elevator/Lift